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About Us

Plan A Marketing and Infinitus Studios Partnership

Simply speaking, “The Sales Factory” is a Powerhouse Partnership between Plan A Marketing and Infinitus Studios. Plan A is an Effective Marketing Agency and Infinitus are a commercial photography and videography studio. The combination of both businesses working together has produced fantastic results, designed to increase sales for our clients.

Plan A Marketing and Infinitus Studios

Bigger than the sum our Parts…

As a partnership business we bring to the table a lot more than most others in terms of potential for increasing your sales. We do this by working with our clients to find their targets and goals.

For some clients we become responsible for a section of their marketing or a specific campaign they’re working on; For others, we are their entire marketing department from start to finish. Some clients want to increase sales by introducing Photography & Video. We can do all of this and more.

From building websites, getting them found where you need them to be, or promotion of your business using a variety of techniques, we’re equip to provide the skills and deliver the goods.

I want to increase sales to my business

So what can we do for your business? Can we increase sales for your company? If you need to ask, it means you’re not a client yet and we’d love for you to contact us or call us on 01484 372146.

Check here to see what can do and what our clients think about us.