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Commercial Photography – Dare we say Christmas?

Shhh, don’t say it so loud, but Christmas really is just round the corner? How do we know? Because we’ve just finished doing our Christmas Photography Commercial shoots for the year.

It’s true you’ll see the shops all over the country clearing precious floor space. Making room for the onslaught of Christmas sales and shoppers. The same is true for the online marketplace.

A large percentage of shopping this Christmas will be done online. Ecommerce shops usually begin early in the year to prepare their stock to plan ahead. Part of this planning is the Commercial Product Photography. Because every product needs an image after all.

We begin Christmas at in April & May, working right the way through to September and then we shift onto Spring & Summer Products.

Christmas Product Images

The Sales Factory studio is usually awash with glitter and warm imagery for Christmas Catalogues and Websites. Clients want to generate the correct Product Images as well as Lifestyle Images to use in media. Christmas Photography is vital to generate the interest, traffic and sales you desire.

Product images need to be clear; they need to be crisp and vibrant. When customers see the images online or in print, they should be able to see a sharp image displaying the product.

Many individual product images are isolated on white so that they can be clipped later and used in other areas or along with other products.

Just because a product is photographed isolated on white doesn’t mean to say it has to be dull. Groups of products or variations of products arranged together can make for an interesting image in itself. Playing with aspects such as Depth of Field can give a dramatic change to a group of objects and make the image more interesting.

Christmas Lifestyle Images

Product images on their own are great. They show off products in a crisp, clear way so that customers can see exactly what they’re buying. But what if you’re shopping for Christmas Gifts and need ideas? What if you need help or inspiration to buy the perfect gift?

In almost all instances, this is where lifestyle images come into their own. Lifestyle images can put a product into a setting in addition to seeing the isolated product. Your buyer can then see the product in a setting and it helps them to imagine the product in the place it’s intended to go.

Fashion items lend themselves really well to lifestyle images and help the buyer to see what the item looks like on the body. This helps them to see how the gift might look on the person they’re buying for.

Christmas Photography often involves creating images of settings about the home and also in places of celebration.

How we make Christmas Images in Summer

Christmas means we get to build lots of new sets. From living rooms to bedrooms, we create many sets and backgrounds for shoots at our studio.

Sales Factory teams also work in the background ahead of shoots to produce sets according to our client’s brief. Christmas Photography often follows a series of similar warm scenes.

Firstly, with sets made, we receive Client’s merchandise for the photography. Often this is split into pages according to their catalogues or tear-sheets they supply.

If you’re interested in photographing your products for a Christmas Shoot but don’t have any of this, then don’t worry. We’re used to clients at all levels and stages in the process and can help to organise shoots from start to finish.

With the scenes set, often all that’s needed do is to add the Christmas bits and products. This means adding decorations, glitter and tinsel to give that special, warm Christmassy feeling. As a result, we have instant Christmas.

How are Christmas Images Supplied?

Whether it’s for a Christmas shoot or any other shoot, we can provide artwork in many forms. Some clients want the RAW format images captured with no editing or altering.

On the other hand, some customers require additional assistance in the preparation of their artwork. We can edit, crop and touch-up images and have them provided in both High-Resolution and Web-Optimised JPEG or other formats for you.

Need your Christmas Stock Photographing?

Finally, it’s not too late for your Christmas Photography this year. Although time is running out and many retailers have their items ready to launch, we still have a number of clients asking. The best advice we can give is to contact us via the website or call us on 01484 372146.