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Commercial product photography is a fine art. Here is where the brand core & communication are of paramount importance. Whether in our studio or on location, we produce product and lifestyle images for many clients.

Headshots or images of people are important. Whether it’s a simple case of putting a face to a name or introducing a team as a front image to a service, images are very strong communicators when used by businesses. Use our studio facilities or we will come to you.

Food and Beverage Photography is a fine art form where the brand core and communication are of paramount importance. Our photographers and editors are skilled experts who have years of experience. High-quality images are integral to business and to the product strength.


Commercial Photography

Whether you need Commercial Head Shots, Product Photography, Lifestyle and Fashion images, the Sales Factory would like to help you. With experience of branding and marketing principles along with a well equipped in-house Photography Studio, we're able to provide you with the images and photography you and your business are looking for.

Give us an idea of what you cover...

  • Head Shots
  • Product Images
  • Lifestyle Images
  • Workplace Images
  • Service Imagery
  • Business & Event coverage
  • Fashion Photography
  • Ecommerce Support

Images are one way in which your business can show at a distance what it is that you do; the services you provide or perhaps the products you stock. Commercial photography is one of the first places clients will see a tangible feel to what it is you do, so that they could almost touch the product or service; it helps to answer a lot of initial questions. "I wonder if they do?"...

First of all, creating Photographs for a business is an Art. Commercial photography should be tailored to the brand style of the client you're photographing. The photographers should understand the brand and how it communicates because it's key to getting it all right. That's why having the marketing arm to our business here allows us to continually keep in check that the brand standards of the business are being upheld by the images we're creating.

Whether you're an online store or a firm of solicitors, we photograph your business depending on your unique needs.

One particular specialism at the Sales Factory is for fashion E-commerce businesses looking for product and lifestyle photography. Our studio is set for most styles needed for online platforms and websites.

So whether you're looking to create some printed material for your prospective clients.

One step further is to look at the powerful medium of Video. Video is the second largest search media in the world we're told, with more people searching through videos online to answer their questions than reading through websites, it's something clients may wish to consider. Take a look at our Video Page here for more information.