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Staff Photography & Headshots

Commercial Photography – Business Headshots

Headshots or images of people are important. Whether it’s a simple case of putting a face to a name or introducing a team as a front image to a service, images are very strong communicators when used by businesses.

Business Headshot Photography
Staff Photography – DW Sport Personal Trainers

Seeing a person behind the business can lend credibility to the business, affirm that it’s not a faceless organisation, give you a focal point of contact but also a stronger point is that it can tell you more about the business and the likely relationship you are likely to have with that business.

Often headshots of the key staff are displayed to the public or visitors. Displaying images in this way allows for staff members to be identified easier.

Team Photographs

Many businesses now have an area aside to introduce staff members either in their reception or about their workplace. It’s a way to introduce faces and improve relations. Team Photographs show a united workforce to outsiders and gives a sense of belonging to staff.

Business Photography
Nigel Gorski – Chartered Accountant & Consultant

Simply seeing a friendly face on a website can connect a potential client to your business and encourage the client to contact you by person. Photographs encourage both clients and customers to interact with individuals. A perfect example is with personal trainers in a gym environment. In this example photographs link the face to a name. This can make you feel like you could know someone, connecting you more with the business at the same time.

Celebrating Staff

Do you ever have an employee of the month celebration? Many firms like to encourage their staff by celebrating their positive contributions to the business by naming them on a team board.

Apart from being great for overall morale, it also helps members of staff, sometimes in large organisations to get to know other staff members.

Yorkshire’s Most Wanted

Ok, we know we’re not the prettiest photographers on the catwalk… However, we love it when people have seen us on our website and then meet us in person. Our clients often tell us that they’ve looked at our photographs to see who they’re dealing with.

Sales Factory

Before people have met us or spoken to us, they associate an image with us and then build an impression of our company and what we do.  We know from our experience how helpful this is to us.

Want to Know More?

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