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We really want to stress the importance of Commercial Film & Video for Businesses today. Video Search Engines such as YouTube are now the second largest Search Engines in the World. Video is useful to help answer questions. It can explain and demonstrate products/services and they are another form of interaction with your potential clients and customers.

Some videos are used to introduce people, which creates familiarity and sometimes trust. Others are more informative films, demonstrating something. Then there are the advertisement video styles, featuring a product, service or proposition. Finally, there are short video snippets, or vines. These vines are usually about 6 seconds long and tend to trend on social media channels.

We assist our Clients  all over the Country in producing Commercial Film & Video for their Websites and presentations. Ensuring their branding is passed right the way through the Film, from start to finish.

With a fluid process for planning to implementation, the process is really straight-forward. We guide clients through the entire process. Once we have an agreement on content, we begin making all of the arrangements for the filming. These arrangements may involve securing  locations, models or sets for the shoot. Once filming is done, we take the footage and edit away until we’ve achieved the finished article.

What would I film to make a video?

There are always videos you could produce for your business. Firstly, a welcome to your business, or an introduction of staff members. So long as the film is on-brand and interesting you’ll see how it could be engaging for someone to find it online and on your website.

Video integration on websites can help to explain a concept or idea, or maybe provide a real person explanation if the idea is quite complicated. Often when people browse the web, they’re not entirely sure if the place they’ve ended up actually “does” what they’re looking for. How many times does that happen to you? You’re somewhere looking for something and yet have to ask a member of staff still whether they do or not? Well, there aren’t people on your website all the time to answer those questions, but video is the next best thing to a virtual presence for your website.

With a little creativity, together we can come up with many ideas of your Commercial Film & Video productions for your business.

Video & Marketing My Business

Do you ever wonder how video helps to market your business? As more businesses select Video as a media channel to communicate with customers, more customers are searching those videos for their solutions.

For more information about Commercial Film & Video or if you have an idea for a video for your business, simply contact us. Either call us on 01484 372 146 or contact us via our contact form if that’s more convenient.