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Web design and search engine marketing

Increase your Sales

Increase sales through effective marketing

As an Effective Marketing Agency we spend more time at the planning stage than most. In addition, we work with you to really understand your business and your targets. It’s only then we can create a strategy for measurable success and deploy smart direct marketing across all channels. By ensuring an efficient use of your budgets and, by evaluating what works we deliver a repeatable, scalable approach that ensures continued improvement and a sure fire way to increase sales.

Generate more web traffic

Most businesses have a website, but building a website is just the beginning, Sales Factory will show you how to increase your web traffic and improve engagement with prospects and customers.

Effective communications 

Generate more enquiries and sales using an integrated marketing campaign. Using a variety of channels rather than a single channel produces greater results and improved ROI.

We have the expertise to put together communications in paper form, email or online.  Furthermore we ensure your sales and marketing budgets are maximised by continually monitoring, enhancing the performance of your sales campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn the number of Social Media channels seems to increase on a monthly basis.  We will help you utilise what will work best for you and help you to write posts that will engage with your target audience.

Corporate events

People expect much more from an event these days.  We approach your event from a strategic level ensuring that it is on brand and delivers your business objectives.