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Marketing intel workshop

Do you have a “fingers crossed” approach to marketing?

Do you have a scattergun approach to your marketing? Do you measure what works and what doesn’t? Do you know your ROI? or are you targeting the right people? and are you delivering a consistent message?

Fingers Crossed Marketing Plan

If your answer to all of the above is positive then your are doing well but unfortunately in the minority but if you are unsure then perhaps you could do with a hand.


Our “Marketing intel workshop” is an in depth review of your brand and current marketing activity also delivering a full written debrief with a clear plan on how you can grow your business and take it to the next level.


How does it work

  • A 2 hour workshop facilitated by Sales Factory
  • It will be  attended by key decision makers from your business and 2 Sales Factory strategists
  • It will comprise of an intense 2 hour workshop session where we
    • evaluate where you currently
    • where you’d like your business to be
    • consequently examining everything from what you sell, to who you sell it to

Our Marketing Debrief

We will supply you with a full marketing battle plan by defining a clear objective for your business and the most effective route to make it a reality. A battle plan that  not only becomes a blueprint for all your future brand and sales activity but also ensures the maximum return from your marketing budget.

You will then be in the position to launch your assault on your own or if you are looking for reinforcements then our crack team of marketing commandos are on standby to help.

Do you know your SEO from your PPC?

Marketing is not rocket science but can be very daunting if you don’t know where to start. The Sales Factory Strategists have years of experience developing and implementing  marketing and sales strategies in a wide variety of industries of all types and sizes.

“Marketing intel workshop” cost

The “Marketing intel workshop” is fantastic value and costs just £500 plus VAT.

To book yours either call us 01484 372146 or contact us and we will be happy to arrange a workshop. Finally we are aware that the distraction of everyday business often get in the way of workshops of this nature. We are happy therefore to hold them in our office or yours; whichever is easier for you.