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Social Media is an ever changing minefield of platforms. With all of the main ones all jostling for prime position of popularity in the playground. You often see businesses using Social Media, because everyone is told you should! But how to use social media “the right” way is often a bit more of an Art form than a Science. To add to that, “the right way” for your business may be different to that of another’s. Social Marketing is yet another method that the Sales Factory can help to Increase Sales for your business.

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Along with integration into client websites, we also work with businesses, training and mentoring them on the best way to engage with their audiences via Social Marketing. How to interact with their Brand Demographic and encourage followers online to be brand-loyal customers or clients in real-life. Social Media really is a powerful tool. With multi-media, graphics, photographs and video too, it’s easy to increase the exposure of your social interaction and in turn your following. Once the followers are there, it’s then a case of converting them to customers.

How this is done in reality depends very much on the business itself, what you do and how you operate and what you’d like to encourage your followers to do.

How will Social Marketing work for me?

So first of all when you contact us, we’ll need to sit down with you and ask some questions about the business. Then one of our team takes those notes and turns it into a plan. Depending on how much involvement you want, we then take on as much or as little of the implementation as you need us to. Linking into our other marketing techniques, we can measure how effective the Social Marketing is and look at how to tailor it to deliver the results you’re looking for.

If our clients don’t feel up to all of that, we can do it for them! We can do as little or as much as our clients need us to do. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs, or call us on 01484 599100 to talk with an actual person!