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Web design and search engine marketing


Need a new website? Not happy with an existing website?

Publishing a Website will not get you sales overnight… FACT

I know you might be a little disheartened to hear that at first. But the truth is that unless you have a great way of directing a lot of relevant traffic to your website, then it may be a very long wait.  It takes many months for search engines to find your site and even longer for them to present you within search results.

We’ve had experience building sites for businesses large and small and have the benefit of two business disciplines to draw experience from. With Creative and Marketing backgrounds combined, we’re able to offer an honest appraisal of what is realistic and what’s achievable. Here at the Sales Factory, we take the time to understand our clients needs and desires and work with them to achieve their goals.

So between Creative and Marketing, where we meet is at the website level. This is where we get involved with our clients. Sales Factory produce websites that achieve the agreed goals.  Goals that sit within the heart of our clients organisation.

How are you different?

Well firstly, you can contact us… Go on… Try it; you can speak to Nick or Craig on 01484 372146, or fill out the contact form if you prefer and one of us will be in touch pretty soon!

Any kid with an internet connection could build a website. Hell, you could do it yourself and save a packet on developers and the likes. But having a website alone will not help unless people can see it. Unless people visit and unless people stay and engage with it, your site is not performing. Which is where attacking this task from a joint effective marketing and visual marketing stance is a real benefit to our clients.

We also meet with every one of our clients, either our place or yours! Our aim is to understand and identify exactly what you do and how you do it.  Dealing with website design to match your business branding. Our team creates search traffic based on what you say you do on the tin. And so we build a site that is sustainable and manageable for you and your business.

Sales Factory present cost estimates in an easy to understand way and we discuss with clients anything unexpected that arises along the way. Sales Factory prepare schedules and timetables for required work and ensure regular meetings are held make sure that everything is on track.

Not sold on the idea yet? Then give Sales Factory a call 01484 372146 for more information.