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Web design and search engine marketing

Increase Web Traffic

Website Design                        

We’ve had experience building sites for businesses large and small and have the benefit of two business disciplines to draw experience from.

Sales Factory makes sure that our clients business show up in searches on Google, Bing and other Search Engines.

The Ecommerce marketing solution from Sales Factory increases online sales and helps to create repeat business from loyal customers.

We train and mentor businesses on the best way to engage with their audiences via Social Marketing.

Increase web traffic

Despite what all the adverts & the telesales "experts"  tell you there isn't a simple way of generating lots of relevant web traffic.  Generating web traffic needs a strategy, careful planning, technical know how and the right tools to continuously measure its performance. If you need help to increase web traffic contact us and we will explain more. 


Get your website found

The action of building a web site will not make enable people to find it.  Unfortunately a great deal of background work needs to take place in order for your website to be found on search engines and consistently win high page rankings.  If you have a site that does not appear to be attracting traffic then it probably needs some attention. Sales Factory have the technology to run a full site audit and report back to you with helpful recommendations which will enable your website to be more search engine friendly.

Search Marketing

Search marketing can do either one of two things: -

It can cost you a fortune and do very little or it can generate the right type of traffic and deliver a favourable ROI.  We have the knowledge and experience to deliver you quality search marketing at a reasonable cost.

Ecommerce marketing

Your ecommerce shop should deliver sales, if it isn't then we can help.  We understand ecommerce and we understand marketing, this means that we can direct genuine potential customers to your website.  We will then deliver them a journey that makes your site easy to navigate and encourages spending.