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Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing for Online Stores and Shops

If you run an online store and sell over the internet, then you’ll already know how important it is to generate the right kind of traffic to your site and encourage those visitors to buy your products or services. The Ecommerce marketing solution from Sales Factory increases online sales and helps to create repeat business from loyal customers.

ecommerce marketing

Conversion from visitor to customer is a two-fold process that requires much of what we’ve already discussed in our other page. It’s important to view this as a buying experience or a journey from start to finish. The Sales Factory work with online stores small and large to look at how this is done for each brand, creating a marketing solution and plan for each business or proposition. These solutions have the benefit of increasing sales on your store and creating a stronger customer base, leading to repeat business and loyal customers.

Ecommerce sites are data rich and provide us with sufficient data to continually evolve them over time.  We work with all the major packages including Shopify and Magento and understand which plug-ins are required to really boost your sales.

If your ecommerce shop is struggling with

  • Lack of sales
  • Low order value
  • Abandoned carts
  • Lack of repeat business
  • Integrating social media

Then the Sales Factory can help, contact us or give us a call, best of all we are happy to discuss a commission based payment structure