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Product Photography

What is Product Photography?

Commercial product photography is a fine art. Here is where the brand core and communication are of paramount importance. Our photographers and editors are all skilled experts. We have years of experience. High-quality images are integral to business and to the product strength and success and so poor workmanship is easily exposed.

Sales Factory combines superb skill and experience with facilities designed for the job. We create outstanding quality images. See for yourself. Photographers and image editors shouldn’t just be technically proficient. No, they should be artistically skilled and also have a touch of awesome. Commercial photography needs to be crystal clear, simply flawless and aesthetically compelling, taking on the direction and voice of the brand.

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How Is Product Photography Used?

Firstly, product photography can be used to showcase your goods to potential clients and customers. Product photographs give your buyer a visual representation of your product.

Product photography is used much of the time in catalogues, brochures and increasingly now, online and e-commerce. Your product image is likely to form the first and lasting thought of your product. It really should have the time and effort put in to it to ensure it makes a good impression.

Most importantly, this excellent level of product images production comes from listening to our clients. We listen to their requirements and requests.  We then work on transforming this brief into their desired outcome. Understanding your brand and your product allows our artists to create something truly breathtaking to show your product in the best light.

Product or Lifestyle

Are you looking for crisp isolated products on a white background? Maybe you want an intricate set building to feature your product in an environment? Either way, we can accommodate many requests from our clients here at our studio.

We are able to construct most sets within our studio, or for larger projects we can source locations to shoot the products in the brand style and setting to complement your brand.

Our Commercial Product Photography Service

High-quality commercial product photography is most of all about infinite attention to detail. It’s about patience and preparation. There is no substitute for experience or craftsmanship. Only with a dedicated team of professional product photographers and image technicians can you achieve the quality you need and ultimately want.

From our newly refitted studios, let us help you to showcase your products. Let us demonstrate to the world exactly how great your product can look. Whether your range comprises a few products or several thousand, we will perform for you. Quality must be maintained and be consistent and  therefore ensure efficiently. So why not contact us and ask us about our product photography services?

What’s Next?

Maybe you’re looking to have product images taken? You can contact us to discuss your requirements by calling us on 01484 372146. Tell us about what you want to achieve. Come and visit our studio, or else we can come to visit you on location. Let’s discuss your brief and find out what you need.

Once we agree a brief we can discuss a timeline to achieve your goals. Finally, if you’re happy to engage us, we can begin working with you and implement your plan to create stunning product photographs.